Tumor Boards in Focal Therapy

Focal therapy is a highly personalized intervention with the aim of treating the aggressive cancer while sparing as much of the normal non-malignant tissue as possible in order to minimize side effects and maintain quality of life. The cornerstone of success depends on identifying suitable patients for treatment as well as close surveillance in order to treat any new lesions or recurrences early should they occur. 

Tumor Boards in Focal Therapy is a quarterly webinar to help practitioners better select patients and choose salvage therapies through a tumor board style case discussion with commentary by an international panel of experts.

Latest Episodes:

#5: November 2023

Faculty: Dr. Andre Abreu, Dr. Peter Chiu, Dr. Ruben Olivares, Dr. Phillip Stricker

Chairperson: Kae Jack Tay

#4: July 2023

Faculty: Dr. Michael Gorin, Dr. Nathan Lawrentschuk, Dr. Shoji Sunao, Dr. Samuel Yee

Chairperson: Dr. Kae Jack Tay


#3: May 2022

Faculty: Dr. Jeremy Grummet, Dr. Laurence Klotz, Dr. Clement Orczyk, Dr. Ardeshir Rastinehad, Dr. Davide Maffei

Chairperson: Dr. Kae Jack Tay




#2: January 2022

Faculty: Dr. John Feller, Dr. Arvin George, Dr. Herbert Lepor, Dr. James Wysock, Dr. Samuel Yee

Chairperson: Dr. Kae Jack Tay




#1: August 2021

Faculty: Dr Andre Abreau, Dr Peter Chiu, Dr Sangeet Ghai, Dr Thomas Polascik, Dr Rafael Sanchez-Salas, Dr Jeremy Teoh

Chairperson: Dr Kae Jack Tay