John Fortin, Patient Liaison for the American Urology Association, spoke August 19 to the AnCan Active Surveillance Support Group about his personal experience as a patient seeking help with a rising PSA score.

As a healthcare actuary with a 40+ year career in healthcare data analytics, John discussed options with various specialists and did an extensive review of studies to consider treatment plans: Active Surveillance, whole-gland treatments, and focal treatment. Since there was a lack of credible, published focal studies, John even conducted and published his own online survey of 100 patients who had undergone focal treatment to analyze oncologic outcomes, functional outcomes, and patient satisfaction level.

He concluded that focal therapy was the way to go for him. He has fared well and reports no side effects. John discussed the myths and realities of Medicare coverage of the treatment. It takes work, but he said patients can obtain coverage. Medicare reimbursed him $16,000 for the treatment.

John is a new member of the board of Us TOO International.

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